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              ~ SCOTT EDICK ~

POSITION: Current Vice President


DISCIPLINES: Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, Pistol & Rifle

ACTIVITIES: I have been on the Board of Directors for two years, and currently hold the position of  Vice President. I continue to volunteer for shooting events, such as the Spring Deuce and the NYS Sporting Clays Championship. I am heavily involved in club maintenance activities including the mowing of the Rifle / Pistol Bays last Fall and road maintenance and snow removal. This year has been unique due to COVID,  but we have been able to keep the club operational and open for the members. I have 20+ years of IT and Operation Management experience, in which I have worked with both small and large companies. Aside from my professional career, I have experience operating and maintaining equipment, and general construction.  I am usually at the Club every Wednesday evening and encourage members with questions / ideas to stop by and discuss.

PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: While spending this year has largely been put on hold due to COVID, I have been working with the Sporting Clays committee on a plan for course improvements. Moving forward I would like to get an updated “5 year” plan for the club.  This would include maintenance and improvements on the Rifle / Pistol ranges and the Skeet/Trap fields and look at what additional shooting sports the membership would be interested in: Bunker Trap, Helice, Field Sporting, 3D Archery, etc.  



           ~ HEATHER BROWN ~

POSITION: Current Secretary


DISCIPLINES: Sporting Clays

ACTIVITIES: I have served on the Board of Directors as Secretary for the last 2 years. For the past 12 years I have been implementing and managing Financial Reporting, Planning and Consolidation systems into fortune 500 companies. I am experienced at driving change management in large companies. Prior to my consulting career, I was responsible for planning and executing corporate and customer events at both Constellation Brands and Chase-Pitkin.

PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: As a Rochester Brooks Board Member, I would like to continue to grow awareness of Shooting Sports and continue to grow our membership! I would like to see continued partnership between members of different disciplines of the sport of shooting. I believe we need to focus on continued improvements to our grounds and clubhouse; for example, a new point of sale system which would allow us to better manage inventories and memberships and provide better reporting. I would like to see our club open more often to better serve our members, and I would like to expand our events to bring more variety and make them a go-to event for the entire family! My career experience of complex problem solving, team building and inter-departmental organization skills allow me to manage diverse personalities to best drive results that are most beneficial to all. 



              ~ BOB URBAN ~

POSITION: Current Director


DISCIPLINES: Pistol and Rifle

ACTIVITIES: I have been instrumental in accomplishing multiple range expansions & upgrades over past 10 years. I introduced the Steel Challenge to the club in 2010. I am very involved in range safety protocols and procedures for rifle and pistol.

PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: My philosophy is that all club members across all shooting disciplines should share equally in the many benefits our Club has to offer. We are fortunate to have one of the best facilities anywhere, and we need to ensure that it is here for shooting enthusiasts to enjoy for many years to come. As a Board member, I believe my responsibility is to make decisions that are best for the club’s membership regardless of shooting discipline, and that ensure the future success of the Club.


             ~ AARON BENTON ~

POSITION: Active Member



ACTIVITIES: Participate in registered skeet tournaments, leagues and regular training

PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: Help bring fresh ideas to the table that can turn Rochester Brooks into a top 10 club in the country. Help with fundraising and organization of any registered event (NSSA or NSCA) that will generate revenue for the club.




POSITION: Active Member


DISCIPLINES: IPSC, USPSA, Trap, 5-Stand, Sporting Clays

ACTIVITIES: Participate in USPSA match set ups and prop building. USPSA work and planning committee. NRA range safety officer.

PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: I have been participating in USPSA matches for the last 6 years at Rochester Brooks. In the last six years I have been helping with set up of matches, helping out wherever is needed and in the off-season building props to help Rochester Brooks become a better place to shoot. My competitive shooting started out in shooting trap. And ultimately grew from there. Since then I have had a major change in my life with having a huge appetite for competitive Shooting Sports. Even though I am a new member of Rochester Brooks I have been around for quite a while and I am looking to run for the board to help make Rochester Brooks a great place to shoot.



             ~ BRIAN SCANLON~

POSITION: Active Member

MEMBER SINCE: 1984 (on and off)

DISCIPLINES: Skeet, Sporting Clays, Rifle, Pistol and Trap

ACTIVITIES: I have over the years helped to prepare for shoots at the club. I am currently a Certified NRA Range Safety Officer and NYS DEC Hunter Education/Safety Instructor. I am an avid reloader. I enjoy a variety of outdoor sports.

PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: I have been a member of the Rochester Brooks Gun Club on and off since 1984. I would like to contribute some of my time to continue building on the great work that has been done modernizing the club. The club offers a great value in our area for a variety of shooting sports. I have experience in capital budgeting, finance, planning, project management and human resources.