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POSITION: Current Club President POSITION: Current Treasurer POSITION: Current Director
DISCIPLINES: Sporting Clays, Rifle and Pistol DISCIPLINES: Sporting Clays DISCIPLINES:
ACTIVITIES: I have been the board President since 2015. Volunteered numerous hours during the clubhouse renovation. Initiated and volunteered for fun shoots directed toward our non-competitive sporting clay members. RB chairman for WNY Hunters Tour. Referee manager for our major sporting clay events. Have taken an active role working with the club manager involving day to day activities and projects. Volunteered multiple hours towards rifle and pistol range improvements. Volunteered many hours with various capital improvement projects and club activities. ACTIVITIES: I have been a board member since 2009 serving as Secretary before becoming Treasurer * I have been a business owner for the past 40 years in the manufacturing industry * Advocated installing televisions in the bar area for the enjoyment of our members * Initiated bookkeeping software upgrade to QuickBooks for efficient and timely financial reporting & event payout management * Headed revenue producing lead reclamation project * Volunteer my time on registration desk duties for all major Sporting Clays and Skeet events. Spearheaded recent information technology upgrades * Advocated club remodeling efforts, paving of parking lot and pole barn to store and secure club equipment. Donated all the present wall art collection to the club after the remodel. Collaborated on many smaller projects through my time as a member and officer of the club ACTIVITIES:
PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: Continue to maintain an open line of communication between club membership and the Board of Directors and base all decisions on the betterment of the club and for the members as a whole. Continued improvements and maintenance for our rifle and pistol ranges. Add quality to all the events we now currently offer and investigate future events that are important to our club and its’ members. Encourage all our members to take advantage of everything our club has to offer and keep an active role in guiding RB on its path of continued growth and service for our members. PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: * Need to continue the current course of upgrades to our facilities; enclosing pavilion on sporting clays course and further improving roads for the benefit of our members. I'm working on the club Bylaws update proposal as to better align with current accepted business practices.PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES:




POSITION: Current Director POSITION: Active MemberPOSITION: Active Member
DISCIPLINES: IPSC,Pistol & RifleDISCIPLINES: Sporting Clays, Trap, RifleDISCIPLINES: Sporting Clays,
ACTIVITIES: USPSA Chief Range Officer,NRA Pistol Instructor, Member United States Practical Association/IPSC, National Rifle Association, New York State Pistol & Rifle Association, Shooters Committee On Political Education. ACTIVITIES: Finance Committee Chairman. Volunteer for all major shootsACTIVITIES: Employee of RB 2007-2018. Club Activities: I have been a member of Rochester Brooks for 27 years. My primary interest is Sporting Clays, although I do shoot some skeet, trap, and use the pistol bays and rifle range from time to time. I have been an active volunteer for all of my years of membership, working nearly every Sporting Clays shoot from the very early days of my membership. I can recall working the Spring Shoot, before there was a Spring Deuce, and have worked on every single Deuce from the beginning through this past year. In 2006 I retired from Kodak, and in 2007 I became an employee of the club. I started as a trapper, and after two years began setting targets for all of our clays shoots. I worked with Roger Brooks and others for the next nine years as a target setter, and was responsible for all course preparation prior to the clays shoots, as well as overseeing field operations for every single registered shoot we held. I also set targets for Hunter’s Tour, the Boy Scout shoot, and many corporate shoots. In September of 2018 I retired as a regular employee, although I continue to help with clays shoots as a volunteer to this day. I have also worked every skeet event that the club has held from 2007 through this year. Here again I started as a trapper, but after two years moved on to trap mechanic, again working in partnership with Roger Brooks in this capacity. I served on the Board of Directors for six years, I believe from 2004-2010, but I may be off on those specific years. I was also President of the New York Sporting Clays Association for 13 years.
PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: During my 30 year association with Rochester Brooks Gun Club I have been involved with the original pistol range construction, and the continued growth and improvements. I have served on the Board Of Directors for three terms, as well assisting with our monthly IPSC and Steel Challenge Matches. Rochester Brooks is a premier shooting facility with options for firearm owners to enjoy variety of sport shooting. If elected I will work to represent all members of Rochester Brooks, regardless of their favored shooting sport, including casual shooting members who do not participate in formal matches or events. PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: Road repair, renovation of shed in sporting clays out back, renovation of Hickory Ridge Course, explore permanent shooting stations PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: As I hope the above summary describes, I am very active in the clay target shooting sports, have worked in a variety of capacities at RB, from the entry levels requiring difficult manual labor in all weather conditions, to more demanding work in regards to target setting, and managing large shoots from a field operations perspective, as well as the long and arduous days necessary to successfully run major skeet shoots. I hope to bring this prior experience to the Board to assist in the important decisions we must make to insure Rochester Brooks continues as one the premier gun clubs in the northeast.



POSITION: Active MemberPOSITION: Active Member
MEMBER SINCE: 2018MEMBER SINCE: 1984 (on and off)
DISCIPLINES: Sporting Clay Course, 5 Stand and Pistol Practice Range DISCIPLINES: Skeet, Sporting Clays, Rifle, Pistol and Trap
ACTIVITIES: I'm a relatively new member, so far I've only enjoyed the club as a member. ACTIVITIES: I have over the years helped to prepare for shoots at the club. I am currently a Certified NRA Range Safety Officer and NYS DEC Hunter Education/Safety Instructor. I am an avid reloader. I enjoy a variety of outdoor sports. I am currently employed by Wegmans Food Markets. I have been at Wegmans for 36 years. I am a Vice President in charge of security for the company. I am a veteran. I am married and have two grown children. I live in Honeoye Falls.
PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: I think it is important that Rochester Brooks continues to have growth year after year. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I have tremendous experience in growing businesses. I've been involved with marketing, reviewing financial statements, and event planning. I'd like to assist in creating a plan to educated the public on how firearms can be fun. We need more women, children and young adult men to start loving the sport. I fear what the world will look like in 20 years from now if we can't get the masses to stop blaming and fearing firearms. My Passion is to see this happen on a national level. There is only one place to start...and that is in my home area. This is what made me want to get more involved at Rochester Brooks. My dream is for Rochester Brooks to grow at such a fast pace...we get national attention and we can be an example to other clubs nationwide.PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: I have been a member of the Rochester Brooks Gun Club on and off since 1984. I would like to contribute some of my time to continue building on the great work that has been done modernizing the club. The club offers a great value in our area for a variety of shooting sports. I have experience in capital budgeting, finance, planning, project management and Human Resources.