Revised Bylaws Vote Results

The December 3, 2019 Amended and Restated Bylaws have been approved by the voting members in accordance with Article XII, Section 1 set forth in the February 1, 1998 Bylaws.

To all the Members who participated and cast their vote…Thank You!

361 votes were received and counted Monday, January 6, 2020:

352 votes  – YES
    9 votes  – NO

From feedback we received, some members were concerned about the addition to the Bylaws of the club’s right to “Lease, license and hold ownership in real property and any improvements thereon to carry out the general purposes of the Corporation”.  Somehow, this fundamental right was overlooked in previous Bylaws. This amendment was added to protect our current property holdings and ensure the ability to improve upon them if needed. The Board of Directors DO NOT have any plans to change any of our current property holdings in the near future.