Wobble Trap League

Fees:       $25.00 due at sign-up.

  • $15.00 for Awards Banquet Lunch
  • $10.00 toward prizes

        $5.00 per round (extra $.50 goes toward prize pool)

Must have 10 scores to establish average for league to be eligible for prizes.  Scores must be completed by Wednesday September 8th 2021.  The total number of shooters will be used to determine the number of classes and how many places you get paid.  An example would be with 20 shooters 4 classes would payout 50%, 30% and 20% for the high 3 shoot off scores in each class.

Start date will be Wednesday June 30th 2021.  You may shoot Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday for Score.  League will end on Wednesday September 9th 2021.  Everyone with 10 scores will shoot off Sunday September 12th 2021 @ 11:00am to 1:00pm.  Lunch Banquet and awards will follow conclusion of shoot-offs.  Shoot offs are 50 targets.

League scores will be 25 targets per entry.  You can shoot unlimited rounds.  Your average will be based on your best 10 scores.

Two shot singles are allowed. If you miss on your first shot then you may shoot a second time at the missed target.

All Shooting must be scored by a knowledgeable trap person.  Squad minimum is 3 people to shoot for score.  All league scores will be posted in the Clubhouse weekly.

Prizes are awarded to high average, low average, last place in each class, each 25 straight and most 2nd barrel hits for the season.

Grab your buddies and make your own squads.  This is great practice for sporting clays!