Board of Directors – Candidates

There are four (4) positions open this year.

Scott Edick

Position: Current President

I have been a member since 2009, on the Board of Directors for the past 4 years, serving as Vice President and President for the past year.

Disciplines- sporting clays, skeet, trap, 5 stand, pistol and rifle. 

Activities- I have been actively involved in the operations of the club both inside and out. Helping with the Spring Deuce and NYS Sporting Clays events, and others. Worked with the staff on implementing the new point of sale system, entry gate system improvements, road maintenance, mowing, snow removal, etc.

PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: My goal has been and still is to ensure our club remains for the next generation. In my time on the board we have managed to maintain a good financial state while updating and even adding to the shooting venue’s available, despite the past couple of years and the current political climate. This past year as President a lot of my focus has been on the club operations. Ensuring systems like the Point of Sale are working and setup correctly. Working with vendors to get ammunition, targets, etc. Going forward I would like to see additional member leagues, introduction days for members new and old to learn the clay target sports and additional youth activities.

Over the past four years I have learned what it takes to keep the club open for it’s members, and I would like to thank our employee’s and volunteers for all they do.

Bob Urban

POSITION: Current Board Member and Member of the Safety Committee


DISCIPLINES: Pistol and Rifle

ACTIVITIES: : I have been instrumental in accomplishing multiple range expansions & upgrades over past 9 years. I introduced the Steel Challenge to the club in 2010. I am very involved in range safety protocols and procedures for rifle and pistol.

PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: My philosophy is that all club members across all shooting disciplines should share equally in the many benefits our Club has to offer. We are fortunate to have one of the best facilities anywhere, and we need to ensure that it is here for shooting enthusiasts to enjoy for many years to come. As a Board member I believe my responsibility is to make decisions that are best for the club’s membership regardless of shooting discipline, and that ensure the future success of the Club.

Brian Scanlon

Member Since: 1984 (on and off)

DISCIPLINES: Skeet, Sporting Clays, Rifle, Pistol and Trap

ACTIVITIES: I have over the years helped to prepare for shoots at the club. I have helped with various donations for the club. I am currently a Certified NRA Range Safety Officer and NYS DEC Hunter Safety Instructor. I am an avid re-loader. I enjoy a variety of outdoor sports.

PRESENT & FUTURE INITIATIVES: The current board has done a great job of modernizing the club and establishing a blueprint for the future. The club offers a great value in our area for a variety of shooting sports. I would like to contribute some of my time as a board member to help continue building on the great work that has already been done. I have experience in capital budgeting, finance, planning, project management and Human Resources.

Mark Patrick

Position: Interim BOD Member

Member since: on & off since 1976. Current for last 15 years.

Disciplines: international Trap, Sporting, AFS, Skeet, Trap, Rifle, Pistol, Archery.

Personal: Owner @ Blackdog Enterprises ( hvac commissioning). Semi-retired

I have learned a great deal on the inner workings of Rochester Brooks, as an interim BOD member. A lot of work goes into running our club, it’s not an easy job. I wish to thank our current Board for their service !

I am asking for your vote to help continue the positive steps that our club has taken. I’ve been involved with decisions on capital improvements, equipment upgrades, and policy shaping to allow our members the best shooting opportunities, while keeping safety as our highest priority. Because I pretty much shoot ever discipline we have, I get to see where improvements can be made to enhance quality to our membership. I have always brought “items of discussion” to each BOD meeting I’ve been a part of.

You will always find me volunteering for our corporate / charity fundraiser shoots, shoutout to our awesome volunteers….I also spend a significant number of “off days” at Brooks, helping with odds & ends of the club (mowing, clearing trails, minor repairs). I took it upon myself to learn the POS, bar, and target sales to help staff when things get extremely busy. It’s a great place to be and I enjoy helping out when & where I can. Hard work is nothing I’ve ever shied away from !

The future: if I am fortunate enough to earn your vote, I will continue working hard to improve our overall facility. I would like to see some investment on our tired skeet machines. American Field Sporting (AFS) was a big hit, I would like to improve on that outstanding experience. I would also like to invest efforts into forming some fun leagues in various disciplines; not everyone wants to shoot registered targets and tournaments. I am always open to civil suggestions and discussions, because at the end-of-the-day improvements are what will make us grow !!

Jack Woika

Position: Seeking your vote to be elected to the Rochester Brooks Gun Club Board of Directors

Member since: 1998

Disciplines: Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap, Pistol-Rifle. Although sporting clays is my main focus, I participate in all firearm sports.

Activities: I volunteer as much as possible for most club activities. I believe “many hands make light work”. I also am part of the Western NY National Cemetery Honor Guard. I am active in my local church.

Present & Future Initiatives: I’m currently a member of the Sporting Clays committee, I have been involved (along with many others) in getting the benches built for the club. I’m involved with the tower project for the clays course. I feel that Rochester Brooks is a premium club and has the potential to be so for generations to come despite what the current political burdens are. It will take every member to stand up and help and that’s why I’m asking for your vote!

Jay Forster

Member of Rochester Brooks for many years

Have lived in the Rochester Area since 2001

Grew up in North Tonawanda NY

Work for General Motors as a Supplier Quality Engineer

I participate in various activities at Rochester Brooks

Run the Delphi Skeet League

5 Stand league solid C class performer

I have participated in the 28 gauge shoot for the last two years

Active in using the archery range, sporting clays course and the rifle and pistol bays

Bow hunt a few days each year on the property

Other clubs that I belong to include Lake Plains Waterfowl Association – represent them on the Waterfowl Season Setting state task force for the Western zone