Board of Directors – Candidates

There are five (5) positions open this year.

Tony Contrera

Position: Active member 

I’ve been a member for 30 years. Disciplines- sporting clays, skeet, trap, 5 stand, pistol and rifle. 

Activities- volunteered at major shoots and fundraisers. Participated in travel leagues. 

Present and future initiatives- find ways to lower costs for the average shooter.  
 A new point of view for all shooting disciplines. 

Introduce more youth programs.


Paul Goodman

Current Board Member

Mike Dinkel

Current Board Member

Anita Palmer

Current Treasurer

Jason Hendrickson

Current Board Member

Justin Lowery

POSITION: Active member

MEMBER SINCE: 2007 on/off

DISCIPLINES: Sporting clays,5-Stand, trap, skeet, and pistol shooting 

ACTIVITES: Like many kids in the area, being a trapper at Rochester-Brooks was my first job. During this time I was introduced to clay target shooting through the SCTP and competed in a few events. Unfortunately like most youth shooters, shooting was placed on the back burner while completing school, starting a career etc… Fortunately a few years ago my wife Alicia and I decided to get back into shooting and haven’t looked back since. We currently shoot in the WNY hunters tour league (We are RBs club representatives this year), Inland Waters trap league, and NSCA shoots that the club hosts as well as participate in the clubs winter best ball league and 5 stand league.

This past year I was able to volunteer for the Spring Deuce, a handful of corporate shoots, and the NYS Skeet championship that was hosted by the club. Also along with the help of others I keep the clubs Facebook account current as possible. 

PRESENT AND FUTURE INITIATIVES : Thanks to all the members, volunteers, employees, and current/past board members, Rochester Brooks is the best “all-around” club in the area. 

  • I would like to see shooting days/times expanded across all clay target disciplines. Explore the possibility of adding a card type system to the trap and skeet fields like the sporting clays course has(LongRange system). Upgrade the field lights on trap, skeet, and 5-stand with LED lights to help reduce energy costs. Explore the possibilities of hosting a club “all-around” shoot for members (a fun shoot that would combine multiple shooting disciplines).
  • Rifle and pistol shooters make up a large percentage of our membership base. It is imperative that the club continues to improve and maintain the rifle range and pistol bays along with promoting shoots and other events hosted on the range. 
  • Discuss the possibility and costs associated with constructing an Olympic style bunker trap. There are only 2 clubs in NY (Binghamton and Long Island) that offer it.     
  • Implement a membership committee or other option to funnel ideas, concerns etc… from the membership to the board of directors and vice-versa.