Finger Lakes Skeet League 2020-2021

One-Time Membership – $5.00, Cost of Targets – $13.00, Lewis Class Purse – $1.00, High-Gun Purse – $1.00 (paid out each day)

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Oct. 17-18  Rochester Brooks – 2020 Shoot-Offs & Trophies                         
Nov. 7-8   Dansville – Charity Shoot                           
Dec. 12-13   Victor – Last Chance shoot                        
Jan. 9-10   Newark                                                       
Feb 13-14   Rochester Brooks                                      
March 13-14   Outlet                              
March 27-28   Victor – Extra 50 targets                                  
April 10-11   Victor – Main Shoot-Off    
April 24   Finger Lakes Hotel  –  League Banquet 
Hunter’s Tour Sporting Clays League 2020-2021

The Tour has 7 separate classes: Open, Lady, Youth , 20 gauge, 28 Gauge, .410 gauge, Pump. You can shoot in more than one class as long as you pay the full price. If you choose to enter more than one class you must meet the minimum of (8) shoots in each class to qualify for prizes in that class.
Scores, shooting times, club locations and additional information can be found at www.hunterstour.org


Aug. 29-30     Bath
Sept. 5-6   Painted Post
Sept. 19-20      Salmon Creek
Oct. 3-4   North Star
Oct. 17-18   North Forest
Oct. 24-25   Rochester Brooks
Nov. 7-8   Williamson
Nov. 14-15   Canandaigua
Dec. 5-6   Batavia
Dec. 19-20   Cayuga County
Jan.  2-3   Williamson
Jan.  16-17   Canandaigua
Feb.  6-7   North Forest
Feb 20-21   Rochester Brooks
Feb. 27-28   Cayuga County
March 20-21   Salmon Creek
March 27-28   Painted Post
April 10-11   Batavia
April 24-25  North Star
May 15-16   Bath
June 5-6   Williamson – Shoot-Off
Inland Waters Trap League 2020-2021 * Update expected in mid-September

Shooting Hours Times: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm each day at all clubs. 3 make-ups or shoot ahead are allowed at any time during the season. 7 shoots are required to qualify for the trophy shoot and a total of 8 shoots for a free banquet ticket. Free drawing at the December shoot for 1 flat of trap loads, must register by December 8th. Reduced Junior targets costs are available to juniors who are less than 18 yrs. old as of September 9th. Free drawing at the banquet for a flat of trap loads for everyone who makes all 10 shooting events. Drawings for ammo & guns will be in accordance with state and federal laws if required.
Scores, shooting times, club locations and additional information can be found at www.inlandwaterstrapleague.com

*Update expected in mid-September

Sept 21-22  Four Point  
Oct. 5-6  Outlet             Bonbright
Nov. 2-3  Walworth         Stein & Hayes   
Dec. 7-8  Victor
Jan. 4-5  Ontario            Stein & Hayes
Feb. 1-2  Lima*
Mar. 7-8  Mendon
Mar. 21-22  Holfield   Stein & Hayes – CANCELLED
Apr. 4-5  Rochester Brooks – CANCELLED
May 2-3  Newark     Trophy Shoot
 * $100.00 added to the Lewis Class Option


Winter 5-Stand    *Update when available
  • The League will Start 
  • Sign up for Weekly Shoot Times On
    • This will be your scheduled time for the duration of the league
  • Fees $30.00 Due at Sign Up
    • Fees cover prizes and dinner
    • Target cost $7.00 per round (25 targets)
  • The Couse will be changed 3 Times
    • The First Course will last 4 weeks
      • Last date to shoot it will be 2/7
    • The Second Course will last 4 weeks
      • Last Date to shoot it will be 3/7
    • The Third Course will last 4 weeks
      • Last Date to shoot it will be 4/4
    • Scoring
      • Must post at least 1 score for each setup week
      • Shoot as many scores as you like
      • The 4 best scores per set-up are used for final average
      • League scores may also be shot on the weekend, providing that at least 2 league members are shooting on a squad
    • Tie Breaker Shoot Off and Dinner –

Scores, additional information can be found at the Club House

Wobbling Trap League – 2020

League is open to Non-Members
$25.00 Due at Sign-up
$15.00 for Awards Banquet Lunch
$10.00 towards Prizes
$5.00 per round (extra $.50 goes towards prize pool)

Must have 10 scores to establish average for league to be eligible for prizes.  Scores must be completed by Wednesday September 9th 2020.  The total number of shooters will be used to determine the number of classes and how many places you get paid.  An example would be with 20 shooters 4 classes would payout 50%, 30% and 20% for the high 3 shoot off scores in each class.

Start date will be Wednesday July 1st 2020.  You may shoot Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday for Score.  League will end on Wednesday September 9th 2020.  Everyone will shoot off Sunday September 13th 2020 @ 10 AM.  Lunch Banquet and awards will follow conclusion of shoot-offs.  Shoot offs are 50 targets.

League scores will be 25 targets per entry.  You can shoot unlimited rounds.  Your average will be based on your best 10 scores.

Two shot singles are allowed. If you miss on your first shot then you may shoot a second time at the missed target

All Shooting must be scored by a knowledgeable trap person.  Squad minimum is 3 people to shoot for score.  All league scores will be posted in the Clubhouse weekly.

Prizes are awarded to high average, low average, last place in each class, each 25 straight and most 2nd barrel hits for the season.

Grab your buddies and make your own squads.  This is great practice for sporting clays.

Best Ball League League   *Update when available

3 Man Teams – $20 entry fee (per person) includes Banquet and Prizes

SIGN UP NOW! – Last day to sign up is

  • Everyone Welcome!
    Team members are not required to be club members
  • Starts on, ends on 
    *8 Full Teams are required for league to operate
  • Sign up in the clubhouse
    OR  call the club to sign up your team! (585) 533-9913