Hunting Policy & Registration

  • Regular Members who wish to hunt the property must register themselves and their vehicle at the club office, prior to the start of each season.
  • Only current REGULAR members are allowed to use the property for the purpose of hunting.
    Non-Resident and Student members do not have the privilege to hunt the property. Minor children (12-18) may hunt with parent/guardian but must remain together the entire time.
  • Members may NOT bring any guests.
  • All members MUST have their Rochester Brooks membership ID on their person while hunting.
  • ALL hunters MUST follow ALL NYS laws and regulations!
  • Parking on club property and hunting adjoining properties is NOT allowed. This includes state land as well. Club management reserves the right to tow any non-registered vehicle.
  • Any violation of these rules will result in an automatic suspension of membership and hunting privileges and the member will need to request Board approval for reinstatement.
  • Hunters also need to be courteous to all RBGC Staff. We still must be able to safely work on Sporting Clay courses. We will try to keep disruptions to a minimum.
  • Safety is of the utmost importance! Always be aware of other hunters and your surroundings. Pay attention to what is beyond your target! Be safe and good luck!

2023 Spring Turkey Season

  • No hunting May 1 – 7 due to setup for the 2023 Spring Deuce
  • Hunting will be allowed May 8th – 31  sunrise to 9 am (out of the woods by 9 am)

2023 Big Game Season

  • Bow (compound, cross, etc…) will be the only hunting implement allowed during both the Archery season and Regular season. (Gun hunting will not be allowed on the property).
  • Hunting will NOT be allowed while the club is operational. This applies to the hours before and after the club is open. In short, No hunting Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday.
  • All courses (Skeet, Trap, Sporting, Rifle/pistol) will remain open on the opening day of the area shotgun season
  • All tree stands/blinds may be set-up after Sept. 1st and removed within 2 weeks of the late season closure. They should be tagged with owners Name/Phone #. Any tree stand/blind found that does not have owners info may be removed and subject to disposal. Any tree stand found after the 2 week closure may be removed and subject to disposal.

Hunter’s will get gate access to Club an hour before sunup.