Select your New Membership Class

New Regular Membership  $325 – Includes a one time $100 initiation fee and spouse/significant other as an Associate member & minor children

New Non-Resident Membership  $125 – Must reside over 50 miles from club. No hunting/voting privileges

New Student Membership  $100 – Student 18 Yrs. + (Full Time 12+ Credit Hours)*

*Copy of College Schedule and Student ID REQUIRED.
Student Members allowed one guest per visit. No hunting/voting privileges

If you have a lapse of membership for 2 years or more, you will be required to pay the current New Membership w/initation fee rate and complete the required New Member Orientation Class. You are allowed a 1 year laspe in your membership….we know “stuff happens”. For example: You had a current membership in 2019, but NOT in 2020 – you would be eligible to renew for 2021.