Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge is an exciting and competitive shooting sport that is enjoyable for everyone. Steel targets are set up in separate stages varying in size, shape, and distance. There are center fire and rimfire divisions with both optic and iron sights.  All center fire competitors begin the stage with the competitor facing down range with gun loaded and holstered. The shooter takes the “surrender position {wrists above shoulders}. Rimfire competitors start on the “low ready position” with the loaded firearm pointed at a cone on the ground at a 45° angle in front of the shooter. An electronic timer sounds to start each string of fire. Competitors shoot and hit 5 steel targets as fast as you can and complete 5 separate “strings“ at each stage. You keep your fastest 4 strings and throw out the slowest. The lowest combined time for all stages wins.


Steel Challenge is a great introduction to competition shooting. It is great fun, excellent training and competitive for men, women and junior shooters. Everyone is welcome to try out this fun and exciting form of shooting.

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~Competitions at Rochester Brooks~

Information for:  Match Dates & Pre-Registration

Contacts: Bob Urban (585) 346-5542
Mike Cole (585) 721-2642 (9am-6pm)