Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays Chairman: James Cooper


We generally have one – 100 competition grade target course and one – 50 recreational grade target course. The courses are open year around, with the exception of our competition “Big Blast” events, to meet the diverse interests of the club members. Both facilities utilize battery operated automatic traps and a “state of the art” NFC target counting system. The 50 target course has 8 or 9 stations with 2 traps on each station. The 100 target course has 16 or 17 stations with 2-3 traps on each station. Target presentations are reset every month.

The 50 target course is designed for small-bore shotguns and novice shooters. Target presentations tend to incorporate shorter distances and moderate difficulty.

The 100 target course is a more challenging course with intermediate to advanced target presentations. This course offers targets with a bit of distance, curl, speed, tower and platform presentations.

Visit our Events page to see our schedule of NSCA registered “BIG BLAST” and monthly sporting clay events.

We have a 5-Stand that operates all year. 8 different traps allow an interesting set of target presentations. This facility is enclosed and even heated in the Winter. Shooting under the lights on Wednesday nights is available.

NSCA Registered Events:

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